Potsdam August 19, 2015

This 6 hour tour with Stephanie took us an hour outside Berlin by train to Potsdam to see the historic area including Sanssouci palace and Cecilienhof Palace.  We spent the day touring these two palaces, palace grounds, gardens, and countryside.  We also went through the Dutch neighborhoods with the pretty pastel colors.  We had a marvelous lunch with Stephanie at a Russian Tea House.

Potsdam is the capital city of the German federal state of Brandenburg. It directly borders the German capital Berlin and is part of the Berlin/Brandenburg Metropolitan Region. It is situated on the River Havel, 15 miles southwest of Berlin's city center.

Potsdam was a residence of the Prussian kings and the German Kaiser, until 1918. Around the city there are a series of interconnected lakes and cultural landmarks, in particular the parks and palaces of Sanssouci. The Potsdam Conference, the major post-World War II conference between the victorious Allies was held in Potsdam at Cecilienhof Palace. 


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Sanssouci Palace in Potsdam

Sanssouci is the former summer palace of Frederick the Great, King of Prussia, in Potsdam, near Berlin.

The graves of Frederick the Great and his beloved grayhounds.

Schloss Sanssouci, was Frederickís Summer Palace and ultimately the site of his burial. Frederick had never been particularly fond of his wife, and so instead elected to be buried alongside his trusty greyhounds, which he usually named after the King of Franceís mistresses in order to anger the man.

So, what's with the potatoes on his grave? Among his many accomplishments Frederick the Great also happened to introduce potatoes to Germany. He thought they were a great idea, and made a big production out of eating potatoes and smacking his lips enthusiastically at state dinners. Sometimes, when not fighting Austrians, he would visit towns and pass out potatoes. His endorsement worked, and potatoes became a staple crop in the nation.

So thatís why people put potatoes on top of his grave.

We are in the Russian colony in Potsdam. Behind the Russian Teahouse.

The exterior of the Russian Teahouse in Potsdam.

Inside the Russian Teahouse.

This is a placard outside of Cecilienhof Palace which is where the Potsdam Conference was held in 1945.

Cecilienhof Palace

The Potsdam Conference was held at Cecilienhof Palace in 1945 and was attended by the heads of government of the victors of World War II: Winston Churchill (Great Britain), Harry S. Truman (U.S.) and Stalin (Russia). The allies met to split up Germany among the U.S., Great Britain, Russia and France.

The rear garden of Cecilienhof Palace

Lou and Stefanie in front of the rear garden at Cecilienhof Palace.

Carol and Lou.

A monastery where beer is still brewed.