Madrid September 2, 2015

Alternative Madrid tour: Today we took a tour of the alternative side of Madrid.  We went to neighborhoods off the beaten track.  We visited very old churches with Gothic and baroque architecture.  Walked through what used to be the "punk" side of town with clubs and bars.  Our tour guide Enrique took us to a tapas bar so we could have beer and tapas.  The tapas were delicious consisting of friend chicken wings.

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Exterior of the Convent of the Salesas Reales

Interior of the Church of Santa Barbara.

This is where Queen Barbara (wife of King Ferdinand VI of Spain is interred.

Enrique told us the love story of King Ferdinance VI and Queen Barbara. They were devoted to each other.

This house was designed by a protégé of famed architect Antoni Gaudí.

This is the punk area of Madrid. The Ramones were huge there.

Enrique is showing Carol the way back to the hotel. Note that we still got lost!