t2.bmp (300054 bytes)  During construction


Front Gee Ma look, no steps. I guess you have to pay extra for the steps into the house. Oh well! This is the way the house looked when we first found it. Obviously, it still needed a lot of work.
A view from the west, here you can see lots of left over wood, shingles, and building materials. You also get a view of the woods and west yard which now belongs to the puppies. If you tried to walk in this area, you probably would sink 4 to 6 inches. The soil turns to mud with the November and December rains. West side view
East side view Hum! Looks kinda woody. Actually it is the unfinished east side of the house. You can see the back door into the garage, the fire placebox, a window into the guest room, and a window into the master suite.

I'm sure you have noticed that all these pictures have lots of dirt and wood all around the house.


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