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Mighty Fine Dining
Kelly and Shawna, the mother/daughter team who left dad at home to mind the ranch in Calgary.

We teased them a lot for never leaving the ship, but they were good sports.

Nice to sit at a table where the ladies outnumbered the men! You Go, Girls!

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Kelly and Shawna
Pam and Don from Oregon, with Sue and Dave from northern Indiana.

The ladies really hit it off, and seemed more like college roommates than new acquaintances.

4 amigos
Margret and Jim from Northern England.

Party animals, these two. While the rest of us dragged ourselves off to our bunks around midnight, M and J routinely stayed up till two laughing and partying with new friends.

Margret and Jim
Yes, we were there.

Karen drank her usual skim milk at dinner.

The Lovers
Our waiter, Vichail, does his song and dance.  Margret and Jim don't mind in the least.

M and J were usually smiling and cheery, so this is an uncharacteristically somber view of them.

Jim's bow tie often matched Margret's dress perfectly. Now that's style!

The lonely life of a waiter's assistant.

He accidentally poured ice water on Karen the first night.

He was a charmer!

Can you tell this is the end of the cruise, and that Pam has met her goal of acquiring one heck of a lovely tan?

Waiter assistant


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