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February 25 - March 13, 2013


A huge thanks to Stephanie Christian and Donna Farrell who built an absolutely wonderful deck.  I chose Stephanie and Donna because I knew they would be very attentive to details.  I was not wrong.   Many neighbors and golfers admired

 their work and complemented the deck.  I have had a few people already ask me about the deck.

Stephanie Christian
Steph's Paint, Carpentry & Repair
910-514-0912 or 919-207-0329

Donna Mann Farrell (HanDiMann)
Home Improvements by Donna

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Previous deck

This is the original deck as it appeared prior to the extension.


Supplies have arrived. palettes of pressure treated wood.

No Stairs

The original stairs have been removed. Better not come out the screen door. Ouch!

Loweeer Framing

Looks like the beginning of a deck. The footings are done and the lower deck frame is up.

Upper Framing

Upper deck framing is underway.

Lower deck boards

The lower deck boards are on. I chose not to go with the fake wood because the fake wood greys after 10 years and you can't paint it. With pressure treated wood I can stain it. Also the back deck does not get much sun other then morning sun. Less wear and tear.

Uppeer deck boards

It is now somewhat safe to use the screen door;-) Upper deck boards are on.

View from screen door.

Here is how the upper deck looks when you look out the screen door of the original screened deck. We kept the screened in deck and added on a none screened deck extension.

Left view

Here's how it looks when you look left just outside the screen door. This is the upper deck portion.

Right view

Here's how it looks when you look right just outside the screen door. There are five 10 foot wide steps leading down to the lower deck. Notice the bench at the other end of the loweeer deck.

From bench

Here is a veiw across the lower and upper deck from the bench. Notice the five steps and Herman the dog.


Here is Carol's other dog, Dixon. Herman and Dixon rough house and even take on crazy Bailey.

Herman the alian

I am convinced Herman is from another world. Just check out those eyes.


The dogs love the deck. Gives them much more room to run around and rough house. Here Bailey and Dixon take a break before going at it again. Notice the lower deck goes righ up to the hot tub and the steps to the right of the hot tub down to the yard.

Herman eyes

I mean really! Those are buggy eye balls;-) Herman has adapted well to the Bailey tornado.

Herman photo

Herman is difficult to photograph because he never sits still. Here I missed part of his ears, but I got a quck shot before he took off again.

Upper deck view

Here you can see the upper deck from a distance. Notice stairs to the lower deck on the left and stairs to the grill on the right. I am not moving the grill because I don't want it that close to the house. Also, the grill is plumbed to a natural gass pipe.

Lower deck view

Here you see the lower deck and the steps coming down by the hot tub. We are very excited the deck now comes up to the hot tub. No more walking across cold dirty concrete.

Golf course view

Now the golfers have a better view of the back of the house. You can no longer see underneath the old deck or the new deck. There is lattice all around.

Full view

Here is a closer view. Notice the lattice and the access door to the underneath area of the deck. Now I can store yard stuff under the deck and not in the garage.

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