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To start our New Year's Eve off right, we ate dinner in the Crown Grill.  It was romantic and unbelievably delicious.  Our waiter was perfect -- funny and attentive -- but not too attentive.

Lou celebrated his birthday two days late on New Year's Eve. Two waiters sang for him, and he got a really yummy chocolate mousse type dessert. Here he is near the end, trying to figure out how to eat the chocolate cup that the dessert came in.

The balloon drop was set up near the ceiling of The Piazza, a big open three-story atrium area in the middle of the ship.

Earlier in the day, we had wandered around the ship, looking at the preparations for the three New Year's Eve parties.

On Deck 5, in The Piazza, is the bar where they make espresso drinks. This time we bought a punchcard of 15 coffee drinks, and we used them all up in 10 days.

More than anything, we wanted to be under those balloons at midnight. And we were! The balloons rained down on us, and we batted them back into the air. Eventually we stomped on them as well.

It is really worth it to fill out the paperwork on the website to let Princess know that you are celebrating an event (like your birthday) while on board. Lou got balloons in the cabin, really awesome coupons for the spa (which Karen used), and a special dessert at dinner.

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