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Costa Maya is a tiny little shopping mall built on the edge of the jungle.  The people who work here commute from Cancun.  

The dock was L shaped.  We were parked along the base of the L.

The orange rectangles were a shuttle bus for the extremely lazy.

Our departure was delayed because 3 tour buses returned an hour late.  When they finally showed up, the buses roared down the dock through this turn and disembarked all the passengers at the gangway.  All of us waiting cheered.  Then we watched the buses back up through this hairy turn.

Inside Costa Maya mall.

This is where Karen was looking at blankets and the salesman said, "I have more expensive blankets inside," and Karen jumped at the opportunity to spend more $$$.

Actually she got a real nice blanket.  Of course, for more $$$.

Lots of deck chairs for  those still recovering from last night.

This whole facility was built 8 months earlier.

In the outdoor theatre, they performed a traditional Mexican dance.  We were too excited to actually sit down and watch it. 

Here is a rocky beach and what appear to be huts for rent.


The entrance to the glorious mall.

It looks really overcast and horrible, but it was actually quite hot and sunny.

  Costa Maya 2003



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