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August 13, 2007

Postcard of the six-mile long bridge Oresund Bridge

Here we are in Lund.  At Karen's old company, they had an office in Lund.  She was never sent there on a business trip, but she finally arrived!

This is the cathedral, which dates from 1145.

Lou tried three times to get a good shot of this lovely window -- but failed.

The Astronomical Clock

Close to the cathedral was a university which was originally for educating priests.

This fountain has frogs along the bottom, spouting water.  The guide told a long story about how one of the frogs disappeared for a few years but was eventually returned.  Hijinks! Now the frogs are all secured in place.

Oh yeah baby, love my post-chemo hairdo!

More about the Oresund Bridge:

Our Swedish guide said that there are rabid bats in Denmark, and that there are none in Sweden. (Yeah, these two countries get along just fine.)

Anyway, when the bridge first went up, the lights along the bridge attracted bats.  Bats were flying to around the bridge.  Well, the Swedes got very upset at the idea that infected bats might actually cross the bridge into Sweden.  So they had to swap out all the light bulbs for something that would not attract the bats.

So now we are headed back to Denmark over the bridge. You can't stop on the bridge -- and there seemed to be no "overlook" type spots as you approached it -- so I had to take a photo thru the windshield of the bus as we drove.

I especially like this one because you can see our driver in the rear-view mirror.

I think that the funny pointy roofline that appears behind the water is the new opera house.


Here we are at the Amalienborg Palace

The royal family somehow lost its castle (in a fire?) a hundred years ago, and some noble family said, "We have this small palace over here that we aren't using.  You are welcome to stay here for a little while..." and the royal family never left. 

Houseguests! They never leave quickly enough.

The flag on this building indicated that someone royal (a son) was in residence.

This guy smiled and moved around and posed with tourists.

Karen ran off to the bathroom while Lou took photos of the water.


Lots of wind mills.

We just heard on the Clark Howard radio show that for a little over $10,000 you can have a private windmill installed at your house.  That would have worked in Woodinville -- we had quite a lovely breeze in the yard.

Pretty lighthouses as well.


Excursion : A Tour Of Two Kingdoms: Denmark & Sweden
Visit the two kingdoms of Denmark and Sweden on a tour that crosses the Oresund
Bridge - one of the engineering marvels of the world.

Oresund Bridge - Completed in 2000, the immense six-mile long bridge features a
central span and two approach bridges, as well as a submerged approach tunnel and
an artificial island. From Copenhagen, you will cross Oresund Sound into Sweden.

Lund - Founded in 990 by Danish King Sven Forkbeard, Lund was the religious,
commercial and cultural center of Scandinavia during the Middle Ages. Your visit
includes a tour of the cathedral, which dates from 1145, and features double towers and
a unique astronomical clock.

Amalienborg Palace - Lining the sides of Copenhagen’s most beautiful square, the four
Rococo palace buildings are the winter residence of Denmark’s royal family.

From Copenhagen, you will drive to the Oresund Bridge and cross the sound into
Sweden for your visit to Lund. Returning to Copenhagen, enjoy a narrated city tour that
passes the Old Stock Exchange, which boasts a copper roof and a spire formed by four
intertwined dragons' tails, the 16th-century Holmen’s Church, attended by the Royal
Family, the Town Hall, Tivoli Gardens and the Nyhavn waterfront with its restored
500-year-old gabled houses.

Tour is offered from Helsingor in 2006. Please see tour HE1-F in Helsingor.

Your drive over Oresund Bridge is approximately 30-minutes each way.

On Sundays, or during other church services, the Cathedral of Lund cannot be visited
and will be seen from the outside only.

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