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July 22, 2009

Company: Regional Pest Service 919-245-3100 owner Steve Scott

BBB complaint case # 11052036.
Filed on : July 22 2009
Filed against : Regional Pest Services, Inc.

Complaint Description:
Company failed to honor termite contract. Company applied initial termite treatment to my property during construction. As such, they agreed to inspect the property once a year for 5 years. A contract would have been signed if the company had mailed the renewal to the proper address. The company had the wrong address on file and was unable to remedy. This company was chosen by the builder of my home. The reason I keep trying is because if I go with another company they will insist on doing the initial treatment again at a cost to me of about $1,100. On about April 30 I called Regional Pest Services, Inc. 245-3100 (Amy inspector) Steve Scott owner.

Day #1: I spoke to Emily (I think) who could not find my property on their records. After several minutes, we discovered they had my house under the wrong address. After getting that straightened out, she said she'd call me back the next day (day #2) to schedule an appointment.

Day #2: She did not call back.

Day #3: I called her. Once again, she still had the wrong address on file even though we took 15 minutes to straighten it all out on day #1. Once again we got the correct address entered. This time she scheduled a technician to come out on Monday (Day #4) at 1 pm.

Day #4: Monday at 11 am, I get a call from the technician informing me he was here to inspect for termites and why I wasn't home. I was home. He was at the WRONG ADDRESS! I also informed him that he was due at 1 pm, not 11 am. by this time, I was very much fed up with their incompetence. I was dealing with my wife's cancer at the time (still am) and did not have any patience left for such complete stupidity. I did not know at that time that I would have to shell out $1,100 to go with another company. So I told the technician/owner that I was fed up with his company and would go somewhere else. By this time, I was fed up and decided to search elsewhere.

After months of looking, I found it would be very costly to go with another company due to the initial treatment required. So once again I decided to call back Regional Pest Services.

It is now July 22, 2009. I started calling back on July 6. I have called 2 or 3 times a week now for the past 2.5 weeks. Every time I call I get the technician Amy. Finally today I received a call from Steve Scott the owner. he was less than pleasant, courteous, or friendly. He is unwilling to do business with me or fulfill his responsibilities as the one who applied the initial termite treatment to our new home. He says the only reason I called back is because otherwise I'd be out of pocket $1,100. He's correct. Nonetheless, I expect him to honor is duty or refund me the money so I can go somewhere else.


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