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Harvard Glacier is just one of the many glaciers found in Alaska's College Fjord. College Fjord is an inlet found along the Alaska coast. Each glacier along this inlet is named for a college. As you traverse the inlet, glaciers along the west side of the inlet are named after Ivy League colleges. The east side is named after women's colleges. Harvard is by far the largest glacier found in College Fjord.
This hung of ice just broke off of a glacier. It is now floating along its merry little way out of College Fjord to the Pacific ocean. From there, this hung of ice which is approximately 20 feet long, 10 feet wide, and roughly 50 high is not one you'd want to run into with your cruise ship. Due to water boyancy, most of an iceberg (hung of ice) is underwater. Hence, even though this example is roughly 50 feet high, it is only a few feet above the water.

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