t2.bmp (300054 bytes)  Carol's Surprise Birthday Party

Saturday April 20, 2013


Attendees (29):

Woody & Meredyth
John & Pat
Betsy & Larry
Nick & Sharon
Pat & Carl
Joe & Peg
John Mort
Chaz & Darlene
Bob & Gerri
Brian & Ashley
Stan & Sandy
Stephanie & Mike
Lou & Carol

Chili, shrimp, meatballs, chips & dip, hot appetizers, cheese, cookies, cake,
beer, wine, soda, water.

Many thanks to Darlene and Chaz.  Darlene drove all over creation looking for the perfect purple party favors including plates, cups, bowls, napkins, plastic ware, table cloth, and balloons.  Thanks to Chaz for blowing up all those balloons.  Darlene did a marvelous professional job decorating the house for Carol.


Thanks to Carl and Pat for picking up the most important menu item, the shrimp.


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