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July 30, 2011

Party time! The wedding reception was in Dazzles, a pretty nice night club on Deck 8. Our cabin was close to Dazzles, and every time we walked by, we remembered the wedding.

The crystal hearts on the wedding cake had been hand-carried onto the ship that morning. But, mysteriously, they disappeared during the reception.

Mr. and Mrs. Califano's first dance

Here are Mary Grace and Kathy, two of Cindy's pals from childhood

Here's Evelyn, one of Cindy's pals from childhood

Cindy's Dad got to dance with the ladies

Here's Mike's brother, Tom, talking to Lauren, one of Cindy's pals from college

When we looked out the big window behind the bandstand, we could see people flying through the air on the zip line!

Sort of an interesting metaphor for a wedding, huh? Jumping off a cliff?

Here's Mark, another one of Cindy's pals from college. Mark is married to Lauren.

Here's Cheryl, another one of Cindy's pals from college

First Dance Video

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Reception Video 1

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Reception Video 2

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Reception Video 3

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