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December 29, 2005

Lou's Birthday

Be nice to have one of these homes in Cabo overlooking the ocean.

Security in and around a cruise ship is serious business.

A fellow cruising neighbor.

Our tour guide, Jonathan, is in the yellow shirt.

We took a horse and buggy tour through Cabo.  Carrying our cruise-food-filled bodies must have been a task for this horse.

The strain of the horse doesn't seem to bother Pat and Omer.


Doesn't Omer look like a CIA operative?




"There be whales, Captain!"

This whale carcass was found on the beach near the resorts.

Very pretty, simple church that we visited.

All our tour guide said about this Black Madonna statue was that this was a different Madonna from the Virgin Mary -- which didn't make much sense.  To bad we didn't pay more attention during the Madonna lecture on the ship.

Pretty altar.

We found this Nativity while crossing a park on our way back to the horse and buggy, after checking out the church.


Cabo Wabo:


Easy to find, if you are looking up.  But the door is sort of hidden.

Lou had one desire on his birthday: to have lunch at Cabo Wabo.  We toured and then shopped till 11:15, and then we headed in to eat some more.  And some of us drank some more, too.


No visit to Cabo Wabo would be complete without the obligatory Waborita.


Looks like Bob agrees completely.


Meet the Shoppers:


Bob and Peggy are what I call "professional shoppers."   There's no store they haven't shopped in.  No souvenir they haven't bought.  No bargain they passed up.

Next to sister Pat, Diamonds International is Peggy's best friend.  Poor Bob is thinking "and I wanted to retire next year" :-(

How can Bob be happy and yet still be inside Diamonds International?  Must be that free tequila they pass out.


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