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July 10, 2006

This sculpture honored various aspects of Bruges culture and history.

Today was chocolate and beer day.  Lou and Rich had a beer excursion, and Lisa, Karen, Jeff, and Ryan had a chocolate excursion. To each his own!

The tour guide told us the story of this guy, who faithfully looked out at the sea to see... okay, I admit that I should not have let 3 months go by before working on the commentary.  I have no idea what this guy is looking for.

This is a beautiful place.  I would love to come back and explore all the narrow cobblestoned strteets.

This is a work by Michelangelo's . The Madonna here is young and beautiful and peaceful, which makes sense because she is young and Jesus is still a baby.

But this is the same face Michelangelo's used when he created the Pieta, which we saw in St Peter's Basilica. In that statue, Jesus has just been crucified; Mary is the mother os a 33 year old. And yet she is as young and beautiful as in this statue...

Brugges is also known for lace making. We saw beautiful handmade lace in the shop windows.

Our tour guide.

The canals were a surprise.  There is something so charming about a canal, about a house surrounded by water.


The guys went off on their own excursion and had some fun.



Belgium Beer Tasting & Bruges
Each beer in Belgium is served in it own special glass; explore one of the best-preserved medieval cities in Northern Europe, and then indulge in a special beer tasting.
Bruges - Cobbled streets, centuries-old buildings and canals are hallmarks of this medieval city. Your guided walk takes you past the marketplace with its guildhalls, the Belfry, Town Hall and the Gothic Chapel of the Holy Blood.

A beer expert will introduce various Belgium beers. Your experience includes a tasting of four different Belgium beers each in it unique glass; Belgiums feel that the container each beer is served in affects the taste of the beer.

Church of Our Lady - The 13th century church is home to an array of art treasures including Michelangelo's white marble Madonna and Child.

You will have approximately 40 minutes of free time for shopping in Bruges.

From Zeebrugge, you will travel southeast through the Flemish countryside to Bruges.

The drive between Zeebrugge and Bruges is approximately 30-minutes each way.

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