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The Agora is the ancient shopping area, an early mall, if you will.
Another shot of the rebuilt Agora, thru the trees (taken later on when we went up the hill to the Temple of Vulcan).
Another shot.
This guy was a sea creature guy, with a human torso and sea serpent bottom.
Right at this time, we had the opportunity to sit in the shade for 25 minutes, or to go up the hill on our own to see the temple in the next picture.

We chose to go up the hill.  Thank you, YMCA.


Vulcan's Temple.  Vulcan was the blacksmith to the gods.

This temple is remarkable because it is the most intact.  All the columns are there, and most of the roof.  It is VERY WELL preserved, maybe because it is at the top of a God-awful hill.

We went up the hill, around the back of the temple, and peered in.  We could not walk inside.  There is a lot of scaffolding.

This is a neat shot because you can see right thru to the front.

Now you can see right up thru the roof. 

Remember, this is one of the best preserved temples.  This is the most roof you are going to get. 

Do I sound like a real estate agent?

Behind the temple, we found a garden of chunks of columns.

This stuff looks like it is just waiting to get re-assembled.

Here is the torso of a Roman soldier.  Nice skirt, dude.


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