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Acropolis means high point of the city.  So the acropolis is the big hill, and the temples on the acropolis were all for Athena, the goddess of the city.

Great shot of the back of the Parthenon.  The name means virgin, because Athena was one.

These are reproduction chickie columns.  The originals are behind glass in the museum on the other side of the Acropolis.
Our guide stressed that these ruins were being restored -- put back together slowly using only the original parts.

(But then how do you explain the reproduction chickie columns?)

It was darned hot up there.  Our guide droned on and on about who knows what while my brain cells just exploded.
There is a great reconstruction of this roofline in the museum.
Temple of Athena, next to the Parthenon.
Our ship's photographer was there, and we got a picture taken of the two of us with this as the background.


Acropolis Museum
"Hello.  How you doing?"
Front shot of a dog.
The pointy red shoes were unusual enough to be noted in the description posted on the wall.
Part of a horsey.
Here is that miniature reconstruction of the roofline of the Parthenon, mentioned earlier.
Here are a couple of the original chickie columns from the Temple of Athena.


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