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April 26, 2005

Natural Bridge
We bailed out of our snorkeling excursion and hopped onto a bus for an island tour.  This is unusual for us, but we had a lot of fun and then had time leftover to shop and wander around the dock.

This is the Natural Bridge in Aruba, a rock formation at the beach with ocean water running underneath it.  There were a lot of tourists here.

Here is a closer view.  We eventually climbed up there.
In this picture, you can finally see how the rock formation stretches over the water.
This is the view from atop the bridge, looking back at the beach -- but off to the side where there were no people.
The beach (and the people) again.  More than 500,00 tourists visit Aruba every year, and about half of them were on this beach.
Island Shots
This was our last stop.  We were dropping off some people at a beach, and we had a great view of the lighthouse.

Once we got to town, we headed for an Internet Cafe to check email.  A strong wind knocked the satellite dish off the Regal Princess three weeks earlier, and although a new dish had been installed, Internet access had not been restored on the ship yet.

The cafe was close to Carlos and Charlie's.  We had some fun there last time.

Aruba is just like Disney World!  Constant cleaning and painting, as shown here.
Karen got an awful lot of compliments on her wide-brimmed hat.  Sure kept the sun off her face and neck. 

That's our Regal Princess in the background; that's Lou's Special Princess in the foreground.

Lou took a lot of pics from the deck once we were back aboard.
Cool lagoon in front of a hotel.
Karen was probably napping while these pics were being taken.

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