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This sailboard guy raced our snorkel boat.


Carlos and Charlies
Free tequila!

(Spring break antics for sure.)


Carlos 1
Sue and Dave.

They had dinner somewhere else and just joined us for the fun.

We ran into them earlier that day at Little Switzerland, and Dave was trashed on rum punch from their morning snorkeling tour. (All the sales folk sure had a sharp eye on him.)

But he had sobered up by now.

Carlos 3
Pam and Don.

Every time she sipped that drink, the poor woman scrunched up her entire face. Whatever it was, it must have been gross.

Carlos 4
The conga line received free tequila and was led up on stage and made to dance. Boy, once those girls got up there, there was no way to get them down. Carlos 5
After a day of snorkeling, you too can look like this.

I had my hair braided in Jamaica. It was so cool and tidy. I got the green beads in honor of St. Patrick's Day.



Aruba 04/26/2005

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